Troubleshooting Server Down Issues – Finding the Problem

Are you looking for solutions to troubleshooting server down issues? There are several ways you can troubleshoot the network server issues. It is easier to troubleshoot a network where there are few computers, but the issue becomes complex when several computers are involved. One of the benefits of a network is it incorporates several features. You need to know the right steps followed to troubleshoot issues in WANs, LANs among other data centers. It is necessary to troubleshoot the issue as quick as possible so that you can avoid further losses which are associated with prolonged downtime. Here are some of the steps you can take to troubleshoot the server.

Troubleshooting Server Down Issues

Know Your Infrastructure

To troubleshoot the server issues, you need to know the nature of your network infrastructure. Knowing components which are connected to each other makes it possible to easily diagnose the problem. If you are working on a windows enterprise network, then it will be easier for you to diagnose the problem because you will be working on a network you designed.

Learn Your NetworkTroubleshooting Server Down Issues

If you do not have documentation for your network’s configuration, then you can run a few applications to learn your network. You can run IPCONFIG and the LAN details will pop up. The windows GUI will reveal details such as network interface, obtaining IP address, default gateway and DNS server details. It is a quick troubleshooting command you can perform to access a lot of details about your network.

Network Connection Is Down

If upon checking on the network you notice the physical layer is at the bottom, then the network will not work. Start your troubleshooting from bottom up and should be able to locate the problem. Other diagnosis you can carry out include checking on the network cable and a quick check on the network switch.

  • No IP Address

You need an IP address before you can start using the network. If you had set to use DHCP as your default network and the set address is down, then you will have a network downtime. You will only have to resolve the problem through use of a DHCP server. You can as well assign an IP address which will not conflict with the right subnet.

  • No DNS Servers

If your network does not have a DNS server, then you can use the IP address to communicate on the network. You need to determine whether the DHCP server is not working. You can configure a public server such as Google public DNS to get the network up and running.

  • No Default Gateway

If your network has a default IP address configured, it will not prevent communication with another IP subnet. You should not worry even if you have an IP configured because it will not prevent you from working within the same LAN network. You need to check on the local router and see whether it is working.

  • Misconfigured Subnet Mask

With a misconfigured IP subnet, you may end up with unpredictable results. You can either manually configure the IP if you are using a static IP address or check with the DHCP server.

To Summarize

The above are some of the ways of troubleshooting server down issues. You can apply them to solve the issue with your IP address. If you are having issues with your server, you should be aware of how often to backup your computer. Routinely backing up your computer will ensure you don’t loose anything if your server’s having an issue.

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