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Advantages of SMS Marketing – Start Your Campaign Now


SMS marketing refers to the marketing technique that takes advantage of the mobile phone. Mainly, it cashes in on the fact that more and more people are using the text messaging services provided by virtually all phone carriers. Professionals state that the growth experienced by the text messaging services offered by mobile phones is phenomenal. And, astute marketers have found a way to break through in a way that has not been done before. These marketing professionals have found a way to communicate with customers through their phones personally. What’s remarkable about this is that it is the consumer who initiates the communication. Compared with other forms of marketing, this one is the most advantageous and the most practical. Let look at several advantages of SMS marketing for your company:

1. Direct and Instant Delivery Ability

SMS is extremely fast compared to emails or mobile push notifications. From sending to receiving, it only takes less than 7 seconds. Unlike emails, SMS does not need an internet connection; hence, enabling instant message delivery.

2. Enables Brand Reinforcement

With SMS Marketing, you are guaranteed brand reinforcement among consumers. SMS enables you to remain on top of your consumer’s mind by allowing you to engage them with communication that is in the same line with the rest of your marketing.

3. Highly Cost-Effective

Reaching a more significant number of people in a fast and cost-effective way is the goal of all marketing companies; and the bulk SMS being one of the dominant modern marketing strategies provides just that. Sending multiple SMS assures a loyal customer base as they provide the latest and upcoming offers from companies on a routine basis.

4. Solid Open Rate

It is estimated that the rate of opening a message is 95% compared to 27% that of emails. It is easy to communicate to customers through SMS because they keep their mobile phones on hand.

5. Easy To Set Up

An SMS marketing campaign is easy to set up. Marketing tools are available to send recurring, one to one, or send broadcast SMS messages to your clients.

6. Increased Customer Engagement

It is easier for people to respond to SMS compared to any other medium. People can respond within seconds, compared to how long it takes for them to respond on other platforms.

7. Time-Saving

You do not need to create messages one by one if you want to send one message to multiple numbers. You’re able to either customize every SMS message you create, or use the bulk SMS feature.

8. Limited Personal Details Required

SMS allows your consumers to give their details as they choose. This entices them because they are in control and it is not vice versa.

9. Easily Forwarded to Others

If the recipients do not feel interested in your SMS messaging, they can easily forward the SMS to their friends or others who might be interested in your SMS.

10. Easy to Track

Lastly, SMS is easy to track. It’s straightforward to find out the status of SMS that has been sent because you will receive a report if your message delivered, pending, or failed.

There are many advantages of SMS marketing that make it a premier choice over other marketing platforms. This article went over 10 key advantages of adopting an SMS marketing for your business.

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