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What is Google PPC Advertising?

What is Google PPC advertising? If you are in online marketing, this is one of the questions you should be asking now. It is all about making people click on your links...

Why Testimonials are Important to Your Business

Let’s face it, testimonials are more important now than ever before. Take a moment to just think about it for a second. If you’re looking to buy food from a restaurant...

Why Should You Outsource Software Development

Whether you are starting a new company or branching off a new concept to build your business, you should highly consider outsourcing with a third party software developer.

Technology in Fundraising – Boost Your Online Presence

As a fundraising organizer, you need to understand that no matter what kind of fundraising ideas you wish to employ in your events, technology is very important.

Latin American Software Outsourcing

Latin American software outsourcing has come a long way. According to a recent report by Thomson Reuters, Latin America received more than $11 billion in venture capital...

What is the Difference Between SEO and PPC? – PPC and SEO Working Together

Both play a very important role in the marketing and advertising of a company, there are some major differences between them.